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Game 1
Livonia Meteors   0

@Gators 5-3-98

The rain held off again and we actually had sun for today's game, but the mud and water were now at our field!!! What a mess, hopefully everyone's washers survived the weekend.  Another fine game by the Gator's today, with "Turtle" and Courtney combining with the defenders to turn in the 2nd shutout of the season. The Gator's Defenders only allowed 4 shhots on goal in the 1st half, and only "1" in the second. A very aggrssive defense kept the Meteors at bay, with 4 defenders recording 3 tackles each, #3 Kerry, #9 Katie, #10 Kristen, and #18 Meagan. #10 Kristen recieves the Defensive Player of the Game award, with a tremendous defensive effort. A great game by ALL of the GATOR'S DEFENSIVE SQUAD. Great job girl's.

Since the "D" did such a great job, it allowed for quite abit of shots and goals today from the offense. 22 shots on goal with 5 making it in, the offense was also awesome. The Gators did not waste any time taking control of the game. The first goal came @ the 3min mark by #19 Shannon on a great pass from #17 Jessica, her 3rd of the season. 7 min later Jessica gets her first goal of the season with a goal from the left side, earning her the Offensive Player of the Game award, on a fine pass from #1 Kristi, also her 3rd assist of the season. #7 Courtney put on in unassisted at the 26 min mark, her 2nd of the year, to end the scoring in the first half, 3-0. A PK at the 43 min mark gives #16 Christina her 2nd goal of the year. Finising the days scoring at the 55min mark, was #1 Kristi, her 6th of the year, on a great pass from #6 marie.  A total of 11 different Gator's had shots on goal, a GREAT TEAM EFFORT by the entire team, Great Job Girls!!